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The Future of Pool Water Maintainance

Excel Mineral Treatment

Excel Mineral Treatment

The Future of Pool Water Maintenance


  • Reduce chlorine in your pool!
  • Enjoy softer water
  • Get control of algae and stabilize your PH


This All Natural Product is designed to make owning a pool an enjoyment instead of extra work with unsure results.

Using EXCEL with the ABC Pools water maintenance program will allow you to:

  • Enjoy clean, clear and safe water all summer long
  • Reduce chemicals by up to 60%
  • Reduce hydro costs (only 4-8 hrs daily required)
  • Reduce cleaning time


ABC Pools will teach you everything you need to know to take care of the pool yourself!

  • Proper water testing, with a professional test kit!
  • How to read the results and put in only required chemicals!
  • We will fill out an instruction sheet designed for your pool with weekly and monthly directions that only takes about 10 min. a week to do.

The pool practically takes care of itself once the program is implemented.

The Cost

A 4 kg. pail is $96.00 Canadian Funds, which is enough to treat a 16' x 32' in-ground pool for one year, or a 15' x 30' above-ground pool for 2 years.

Weekly Water Maintainance

Add 1/8 oz. of Excel per 1,000 gal. of pool water. This amount will normally be sufficient depending on water loss from backwashing filter, etc. Chlorinate to 1.5 ppm and maintain through week at .5 ppm.

It's Easy To Use

  • Check total alkalinity and pH. Adjust if necessary. Alkalinity level should be from 80- 150 ppm and pH should be from 7.2 -7.6.
  • Add the initial treatment of Excel Mineral Treatment 2 oz. per 1,000 gal (or 57 gms. to 4000 litres), distribute (sprinkling) over pool water surface. Vacuum next day.
  • Your pool filter system should remain on for 48 hrs., backwashing filter every 12 hrs. during the 48 hr. period.
  • Thereafter, pool pump running time can be reduced depending on water volume of pool. (4- 8 hrs. per day).

If you find that you are happy with Excel and wish to become a distributor, please contact John for more details about this exciting new business opportunity.