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Leak Detection

At ABC Pools we have the ability to find any leak in your pool and the expertise to fix and repair them, often the same day. For vinyl liners we have the Leak Track 2200. This allows us to find leaks fast without having to dive and inspect every inch of the liner. We can also do this without emptying your pool! Once the leak/leaks are located we will then dive to repair a hole or fix a leaky gasket around the stairs, skimmer, light or jets. Since the ability to find the leaks is faster your costs can be less.

Leak Track 2000

The LeakTrac 2200 utilizes proven technology to

  • find vinyl liner leaks fast . . .
  • without dye . . .
  • without draining the pool . . .
  • and without getting into the water.

The LeakTrac 2200 eliminates the frustrating, expensive and time consuming task of visually inspecting every inch of a liner.

While standing on the deck the operator is able to first establish a leaks general area, then pinpoint even the smallest leaks in minutes.

This technology is effective in any water containing vessel with an electrically insulating shell, (vinyl, fiberglass, acrylic, etc.)

How it works:

The sophisticated, but simple to use device puts a small electrical charge into the pool water.

This charge seeks to make a connection to the ground.

Since the pool liner is a good electrical insulator, the only ground connections are through conductive penetrations in the liner.

The LeakTrac detects electrical current flow in the water as it seeks these ground connections, and produces audible signals that lead the operator to the exact location of the leak.

What if the leak is in the plumbing?

Although, this is often harder to locate, this is no problem. We have the latest in listening devices that allows us to hear where the leak is under your deck or lawn. With the ability to pinpoint leaks, you can save costly repairs to decks and torn up lawns. Thought a combination of pressurizing the lines by putting air and water thought we can hear where the leak originates from and focus on that area.

Repairs of all these situations will require discussion between us and the pool owner as each one is different.

To find out more and get your free quote, It’s as simple as ABC Pools, the future of Leak Detection Service and Repair.